premioRicardo Boléo (1984) holds a master’s degree in Theater from Lisbon Theater and Film School (2013), graduated in Art Studies from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Coimbra (2011) and attended Colleges of Communication, History and Letters as well as the Theater School of the Federal University of Bahia, Brazil (2009/2010). In 2014 he won the Young Creative CNC/IPDJ Scholarship.

Boléo is the author of three poetry books: Segredos (2007), Quem Não Dormiu (2010) and memórias de sal (2013). He made the last interview granted by the playwright Jaime Salazar Sampaio (2010). He wrote several texts about art and culture, highlighting the essay Pedra-de-toque – a palavra na mensura do gesto magistral in the first edition of Fernando Pessoa’s Inércia (2014). He published the plays A Rainha de Trapos (2013), Éter (2013), a volume with the plays Temperantia – Estou de dieta & Fuga [sem saída] (2011), and in Brazil he published the play Nóbrega (2010).

He regularly works in theaters and unconventional spaces in various shows, of which stands out Ionesco’s (2002), Temperantia – Estou de dieta! (2009), Diagonais (2013), Éter (2013), a mais terna ilusão (2013), Inércia (2014), radiografia de um nevoeiro imperturbável (2014), cântico (2014)silêncio (2015)A morte do Príncipe (2016) and #Emigrantes (2019).


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